By Giani Boldeanu

Every boy or girl who likes to play football is dreaming to become rich and famous one day like their favourite players.

Every parent of a child who is playing competitive football wants their child to become professional players and to win millions of pounds.All their life for a while is moving around football and big dreams.

Probably are you asking yourself when is the right time for your child to start playing football?

The best time for a child to start playing football is between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. The easiest and most convenient way to teach them skills in football is to play the game at home with your child. When they are young it is better to leave the child to learn to explore the game of football without much restriction to following any guidelines or rules. This is especially prevalent in children under the ages of 5 when it is most difficult to play football on a team and follow rules. Keep the rules to a minimum, let them enjoy and develop skills. At the same time is better to try other sports , that will help them to develop the new skill.

From 3 to 5 the kids are able to run , jump , throw a football ball or any other ball they start to learn and develop balance. Their vision at this age is still in development, you may observe that they can find difficult to follow the ball if is moving fast .

What kind of training they should receive at this age ?

The most important think you need to start playing soccer is a football ball. The football balls come different sizes .

If the ball is not the right size the kids will not be able to kick ,pass and dribbling properly because the size of their foot is too small for the size of the ball also the ball is to heavy and difficult to control .

For under 8 years old kids is recommended to use size 3 balls ,from 8 years old to 12 is recommended to use size 4 ,over 12 years old size 5 which is used in official soccer games all around the world .

It is better to use the appropriate size to help the kids to learn the skills and develop the game easy and efficient.

Usually, now they should learn the basics in my opinion. Teach them how to stop the ball with their feet by passing the ball slowly towards them, give them instruction each time you pass the ball also show them yourself from time to time how to do it.

Moving with the ball at their feet is another skill they have to develop at this age, show them yourself how to do it. They tend to take the ball in their hands, try to teach them to don’t play the ball with the hands, only with the feet. Ask them to use left leg and right leg alternatively in order to develop coordination and balance.

Changing direction with the ball first time slowly and you can increase the speed step by step.

When giving indications and explain moves try to be very short usually at this age the span attention is very short usually 10 seconds. The session time should be around 15 min. If they want to play more just let them do what they like with ball.

If they don’t want to perform the tasks you require them to do don’t quit try again in some minutes, hours later or next day.

If they can’t perform the task you want properly, just let them to get used with the ball, in the end, they will learn how.

Another way to teach them how to do the moves if you can’t perform them yourself is to search on YouTube some videos with kids of his or her age performing the tasks and to watch together. The kids tend to imitate the behaviour of other kids. Try to look for games ideas on internet, don’t forget that the learning should be fun, if they don’t enjoy they can start to dislike playing with the football ball.

If you want professional coaching you have to look for some football schools, clubs or football academies that are organising training sessions for under 5 years old.

At the football schools, clubs, academies or summer camps the kids will develop skills in a fun enjoinment way , together with other kids.

The football schools are using a different approach to get the children involved through games and stories to make the learning process easy and less boring. Always when you go to park with your kids take a soccer ball with you, keep it in the car. You can play soccer with your kids all time of the year even on snow will make the game more enjoyable. You can play in your back garden with your friends, at the picnic and park, you and your kids will have a lot of fun. You can also buy a training football kit for kids with cones and pop-up goalpost, inflated goalposts.The kit is small size and will be easy to carry in your car or when going to parks. As goalposts, you can use 2 t-shirts, plastic bottles, like cones or goalposts you can use empty yoghurts containers.